Free no-code generator for NFT smart contracts, NFTs and web3. Developers not required. Zero mint fees.

Create your NFT collection with ease. Full project managment from creation to publishing on the blockchain - your own customized NFT smart contract with no coding.

The Best No-Code NFT platform

Our platform provides a wide range of features to help you easily customize your NFT smart contract and launch your NFTs.

Create your collection in no time and zero fees.

NFT projects in minutes

With the DropChain Labs intuitive and easy to use platform, you can launch your NFT smart contract to the blockchain in no time at all. Create your collection, upload your assets, then click launch - it's that simple! You have both zero gas fees (lazy minting) and zero mint fees (we take nothing unlike other platforms).
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    0% minting fees

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    Pre-sale access lists, airdrops and your own mint page

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    Help every step of the way

Embeddable no-code NFT smart contract mint button

Embeddable mint button

Embed your mint button for your NFT smart contract on your website. Configurable to match the layout and design of your site for a seamless experience. Compatible with Squarespace, WordPress and more.
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    Custom button builder

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    Auto-detects contract changes, access lists, etc.

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    Add to Squarespace, WordPress, etc.

no-code NFT, smart contract, flexible projects to suit your needs

Flexible projects to suit your needs

DropChain Labs makes it a breeze to create your NFT smart contracts and NFT project. Release your 1 of 1 NFT, or release your 10,000 NFT generative drop. Full control and ownership is yours from the beginning.
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    Mint on Ethereum or Polygon.

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    Lazy minting, whitelists, pre-reveal and multi-phase execution

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    Dynamic NFTs and marketplace control

no-code NFT smart contract, revenue splits/share with cap

Payment splits with cap

Revenue splits are a great way to show appreciation to those that have contributed to your project and to help support the greater non-profit ecosystem. Revenue splits can also be used to increase the return on your investment by spreading the profits out to multiple addresses.

Payment cap is a feature that allows to limit the maximum amount of money that can be received from a single address, which can help prevent fraud and abuse, and enabling creators to control their costs more effectively.

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    Add unlimited recipients

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    Apply to any NFT smart contract

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    Includes handy "cap" feature to limit splits to max amount

Price and Features



Platform sale fee


Unlimited contract minting

DropChainLabs has Unlimited no-code NFT contract minting capability

Unlimited NFT minting

DropChainLabs has Unlimited no-code NFT contract minting capability

Audited contracts

DropChainLabs has no-code NFT Audited contracts


DropChainLabs has ERC721 no-code NFT contract


DropChainLabs has ERC1155 no-code NFT contract

Multi-phase execution

DropChainLabs has Multi-phase NFT sale execution

Polygon minting

DropChainLabs has Polygon minting

Revenue split

DropChainLabs has Revenue split

Revenue cap

DropChainLabs has Revenue cap

Generative drops

DropChainLabs has no-code NFT Generative drops

Edition drops

DropChainLabs has no-code NFT Edition drops

Dutch Auction

DropChainLabs has no-code NFT Dutch Auction

Embed mint button

DropChainLabs has Embed mint button


DropChainLabs has Airdrops


DropChainLabs has Reveal/Pre-reveal no-code NFT contract

Presale list

DropChainLabs has Presale list no-code NFT contract

Custom mint page

DropChainLabs has Custom mint page

Custom solutions

DropChainLabs has Custom no-code NFT solutions

Our technology stack conforms to web3 industry decentralized and open standards

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